Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fall break day 7.

...yes, I'm working.


  1. 'be your own hero' are lyrics from the song one of my tattoos is from.
    So true tho.
    Prove you can be...
    Gorgeous pictures as usual xoxo

  2. I read this post after a week of hellish camping and feeling low and it made me feel so much better.
    The words struck a chord with me so much so thanks for that :)

  3. hey hun!!
    ive been going tru all my last post
    n i saw urs..
    i miss u n others..
    u know wat, u're truly artistic..
    n i love it..
    especially da words
    'intellectuals can b anorexic'
    n its so tru.. - all da best in ur study ;)-

  4. Zwazzle, I seriously had no idea! Thanks for enlightening me :)

    A beautiful mess, gottabesomebody- THANK YOU, your comments mean a lot to me!

    Love you, girls.