Saturday, February 12, 2011

If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere.

Submitted by asimplecontradiction

Darlings, I'm so sorry I haven't posted in almost a week, 
I've been terribly busy with school stuff; our mid-sem is already 
next week (... I know, right?) and my professors have been 
going crazy, focusing mainly on trying to catch up on the material
 and getting more grades from us. As I told you in my last post,
I started taking my diet pills on Tuesday and because 
you asked for an update, here it is :)

53.6 kg on Monday night (118.17 lbs)
 51.7 kg (113.98 lbs) today- Saturday morning.

Not really sure if it's the pill itself or the fact that it absolutely kills
the feeling of hunger (I honestly have to force myself to eat 
once a day), but it's working for now, and it makes me happy 
and more hopeful than ever. Will keep you posted and also 
promise to catch up on reading your blogs
and leaving some lengthy comments!

I dream my painting and I paint my dream.
(Vincent van Gogh)

Stay strong and lovely, my beautiful ladies. Chin up and fight!
Love you so much and thank you thank you thank you so much
for all your immensely encouraging comments.
A warm welcome to my new followers!

Lots of love to every single one of you,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Beat down the door: opportunity never knocks.

Hello, my beautiful darlings,
I'm amazed how I'm able to be 'maintaining' ;-) 
my weight (53kg, ~116.8lbs) with my current appetite: 
I eat and eat and eat and eat and... you know: can't stop
(oh, the perks of craving ridiculous amounts of chocolate every month).
Have a confession to make: I ordered some fat-burning pills
and they should be arriving tomorrow. Of course I'm not 
expecting miracles, but these should come with appetite curbing,
which will be (especially now) very welcome. 
Do any of you girls take supplements like that?

You're so very lovely.

Love you very very much.