Thursday, April 15, 2010

Liquid Fast, DAY 3.

Liters of coffee. French roast, please. Liters of water. Yes, with ice. Thank you very much. 23 days until the summer break. 2 days until the weekend. 2 essays due before Friday. Feeling of hunger diminishing every day. The kilos I know I'm losing. The jeans I had on today for the first time since December because they didn't fit until today. The vision of me wearing ultra-short summer shorts, showing off thin legs and feeling good about myself. Yes to short dresses and no to embarrassment. That's what keeps me going.

No, no food. The lesser I eat, the better I feel about myself. If I only knew I'd feel so happy without food, I'd have stopped eating a long time ago. Oh yes. But now- I'm losing what I don't need. The world will be at my feet. I'll walk in the street and think how lovely, how beautiful, how enjoyable everything is. I will reach my goal. I know I will. The road might get bumpy, but I know I'm strong enough to see through the challenges and have my dream in front of my eyes at all times.

Everything is about keeping what you dream of close to your heart. It's not about what others think you should do, it's about you, about you, about you. This is about me. I want to be able to say I'm a determined, strong, will-empowered woman driven by my own visions, not the others' opinions. That's what keeps me going.

Have you ever thought about why you're doing what's you're doing?
Now would be the time. Stop and think.


  1. You've just gotta find that thing that keeps you going.

    It looks like you've found yours.

  2. Oh wow, you're doing so so well! Congratulations xx I feel totally inspired to do a three day fast too. Which is perfect because I go back to university in three days and I look like a whale.

    Keep at it my dear, you'll be incredible
    Love, Adeline

  3. Aw thankyou for your comments! You're so sweet :) it will be so great to have someone to do this with, we'll be so beautiful by the end. Today's my first fasting day and I'm doing so well - because of you :)

    Stay strong,
    Love, Adeline xx

  4. omg...
    u're doing great..
    so proud of u..
    n im dissapointed in my ownself..;(