Saturday, September 18, 2010


It's Friday. THANK GOD. This week was endless.

Have been on 57.9 kg for two days now so I felt it was safe to mark the success on my little CW and GWs chart on the right side panel. SO HARD to keep losing weight now-- I eat almost nothing and my scale doesn't show any difference. Well, to the eating part- for almost the entire week, I've been drinking coffee and having dinner only, which I, every single day (feeling too guilty) purged right after coming back to my dorm. Tomorrow and Sunday are the challenging, eating-with-my-suspicious-roommate days. My weight's gonna go up and I'm truly scared of what I'll see on the scale on Monday morning (the little mark next to the 58kg will, hopefully-- keeping my fingers crossed-- motivate me). There's still a long way to go. This is just the beginning!



Pre-Fall 2010, Vionnet. LOVE:



A little something from CĂ©line:

Ok, now I go party. Everyone have a fun weekend!


  1. Fabulous thinspo - keep up the good work! I know how hard it is being 'supervised'! Bless, xx S