Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Almost no sleep last night. Studying until 4am... check.
Biology exam in the morning... check.
Dark circles under eyes... check.
No breakfast... check.
No lunch... check.
No dinner... check.
Lots of black coffee... check.

Can a single day be both good and bad? 
Mood: hopeful for the week. Off to a decent start.
Will step on the scale tomorrow morning. 

Welcome, annaxoskinnyxo!

Lack of will to construct full sentences... check.

b198827510.jpg (400×264)

b198826924.jpg (343×400)

b198969962.jpg (300×400)

b182881257.jpg (320×400)

b81466321.jpg (323×390)
b141232311.jpg (266×400)
b189524161.jpg (213×400)

b199484531.jpg (400×259)
b200046485.jpg (500×334)b200249359.bmp (600×423)


  1. I love your thinspo pics.
    Good luck for this week!
    Stay positive, Stay strong. :]

  2. Wow, such a great start to the week! :D
    Great job! Aw, I love the welcome you gave me *blush* hehe.

    Love the thinspo, too.
    Stay superstrong.

    -Molly xoxoxo