Friday, October 22, 2010


4 saltine crackers. 50 calories.

Friday tomorrow, but a poster presentation and an exam before the weekend can start.
Will finally weigh myself tomorrow so I can update the statistics on my blog.. and I don't really know if I should be afraid or excited. I can only say that right now, the skinny jeans I bought 3 weeks ago are loose and falling down. Guess that's a good sign. Keeps me going on.

The only negative side of fasting are the terrible headaches I've been having for the past couple of days. But I'm strong and able to deal with them.

Sorry for the messy and disorganized post, I just let my thoughts flow... sometimes it works, sometimes it's better not to think at all, right?

Oh, it will be so easy to live being beautiful.

tumblr_l2q7ofZgWB1qzfya1o1_500.jpg (500×375)
tumblr_l11ysg8XhD1qbr5s3o1_500_large.jpg (500×500)

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