Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My dear ones,

my life has been a swirl of craziness lately; absolutely no time for anything besides school stuff.
Haven't been eating much, but have been needing some energy to keep me going.

A few people actually asked me if I've lost weight recently, and that reassured me of my progress. Can't stop now, need to go on with the plan. My scale has been showing 57kg for a while now (around 125 lbs), which means I'm slowly reaching toward my goal... but that will take some time. I really do want to look pretty when I go home for Christmas, so I just ordered an absolutely GORGEOUS pair of jeans in size 3. I will do my best to fit into them when the fall semester is over- to be exact, Saturday, December 18. Hopefully they'll be arriving here in a week or so-- looking at them and not being able to put them on will help me stay focused.

I will fit into them no matter what.
I'm in love with them now, I can't wait to see what happens to my determination once I have them in my hands. Looking forward to that moment!!

P12598310.jpg (250×250)MLA12598310.jpg (250×250)

I call it a challenge- I will lose those 5 kg (11 lbs) and will be 52 kg (115 lbs) when I go home. I'm pretty sure I will gain some weight at home because of all the good food, but it won't be more than 3 kg, which will leave me with 55kg at the beginning of next semester- once I'm back in college.

It only takes planning. I'm not terribly good at it now, but it's a skill I'll develop for myself (and the jeans as a bonus).

Thank you for all your posts and your comments, sweethearts. I promise to post some thinspo when I have some time (not until Saturday I guess.. maybe I'll throw in an update or two on the weight meanwhile).

Have a good rest of the week and stay focused. Much love!!

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  1. Them jeans are so cute!
    and its a great motivation buying something smaller! stay strong xxx