Friday, January 21, 2011

No, I'm not changing, I'm just revealing myself.

Almost Friday, almost there, almost weekend.
Yes, it's been another one of those eternal weeks.
Writing this post now instead of going to dinner;
need to keep my fingers and my thoughts busy.
It's funny how it's all in the mind, right?
My right eye has been twitching for 3 days now so
I googled it and found out it can be either because of stress, 
lack of sleep or imbalanced diet. ("all of the above". check.)
Nothing surprising, yet very annoying.

I love you so much, girls.
Hope you have a beautiful evening.



  1. that's good thinking: keeping busy so you don't have dinner. have some sleep darling. if you don't have much this weekend take it as an opportunity to sleep in and rest. I love your Thinspo, all the pictures are beautiful. this shoes are beautiful too. I know places where you can buy shoes a bit like them except I live in Australia, I own boots that look a bit like that but I bought them on sale at topshop when I was in England soooo.... I'm not much help to you. good luck on your search for them though ;)
    Love Anafly

  2. I love your thinspo. your blog is my go to spot :)
    I hope all the stress goes away! (and the twitch along with it!)
    thanks for being wonderful as always <3

  3. ugh, i cant wait for the weekend. this week has lasted forever. I SWEAR.
    i cant wait for spring as well, but i need 15 more pounds go before im ready to take off my winter coat. haha.

    stay lovely. <3

  4. Bonjour!

    The oxford shoes: I have found some at urban outfitters. Kind of cheap, but still stylish... Also at forever 21. Those two stores most likely have the floral kind. Otherwise I have a pair of dark brown ones, from aldo, which you can also find for less at spring. :)

    Hope that helps. Lovely choice of pictures as always! :)

    Lots of love
    Abigail xox

  5. I'm quite happy to find someone who is 5"4 and about the same weight as me. I love your pictures, they are so pretty.

    Best of luck.

  6. wow i love your blog. so lovely and inspiring. you post the best photos!