Sunday, January 16, 2011

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. (Hal Borland)

I'm in such a desperate need of spring right now
that I don't even have the strength to look out of
my window and see the snow covering everything.
Tough semester ahead, but everything is manageable
if we only have faith in ourselves.

Have a beautiful week, my loves.
Don't stop believing in the little miracles 
we are destined to become; no obstacles are bigger 
than our dreams.

Lots of love to you...


  1. So beautiful! Winter can be depressing but all that sadness disappears when Spring comes. With Spring, everything feels more happy.

  2. gorgeous post as always.
    And I am so over winter xxx

  3. i love this post<3 check it out sometime:)x

  4. i love this post. *fauvourited*


  5. Hi :) Just want to say your blog is absolutely lovely! I love reading your posts. Thank you for that little bit of hope for spring, and don't forget that it's better to embrace what winter is than to suffer for it! I live in Quebec and I'm in the process of loving our -20 Celcius winter wonderland. Well, sort of.

    Lots of love,