Monday, February 7, 2011

Beat down the door: opportunity never knocks.

Hello, my beautiful darlings,
I'm amazed how I'm able to be 'maintaining' ;-) 
my weight (53kg, ~116.8lbs) with my current appetite: 
I eat and eat and eat and eat and... you know: can't stop
(oh, the perks of craving ridiculous amounts of chocolate every month).
Have a confession to make: I ordered some fat-burning pills
and they should be arriving tomorrow. Of course I'm not 
expecting miracles, but these should come with appetite curbing,
which will be (especially now) very welcome. 
Do any of you girls take supplements like that?

You're so very lovely.

Love you very very much.


  1. I've always been tempted to buy diet pills. you'll have to tell me how they work. And I love the picture of the girl and the giant tea cup. so cute!

  2. Ah, the one perk (or drawback) of the monthly gift... dratted thing. YOU'RE lovely!


    PS: I love the picture below the girl in the teacup. Absolutely love it.

  3. Good on you for maintaining your weight even with the terrible curse of chocolate cravings.

    I've never used diet pills before but please let me know how they go and most importantly, if they work!

    Again, your pictures are so so beautiful. It's always a joy to come to your blog.

    Love Anafly

  4. i love your thinspo
    especially because the beach ones remind me that very soon i will be wearing a bathing suit and im just hoping i have even a modicum of the grace of those girls

  5. Lovely thinspo! I've tried a few different diet type pills. Some seem to help at least somewhat, but nothing that's blown me away. Hope they work well for ya!

  6. Aw you are so sweet. I've never tried a diet pill, but I did do an acai cleanse, and it didn't do shit. Of course, back then I was still really fat lol. Sending you skinnies darling, and keep us posted in case we all need to try what you're trying!

  7. Swapped a nasty ephedrine habit for green tea pills with CLA, zinc and magnesium. I sleep now, no more panic attacks and my kidneys are no longer taking strain.

    Lovely pictures, as always. <3. XXX.

  8. I don't take any supplements. Be careful with those, dear!

    Stay strong, Lu, you're lovely. :)

  9. Where on earth do you find all thsoe gorgeous pictures?! I'm going to have to start saving tose to a file on my computer or something! Great job on maintaining- there's a great sense of relief when you eat eat eat and still weigh same! Choclate cravings = ultimate binge fail. There should be a 0 cal chocolate or something (I think Walden farms might have some?). Hey, let me know how those fat burning pills do! I've always been too paranid to try any myself :/

  10. I have been so tempted before to bu some pills, but I try to resist. I'm interested to know how they are though :)

    Oh yes, I get chocolate cravings every month too. Deary me.

    As always, I love all your pictures :)

    Much love,


  11. woohoo! yay for maintaining! love your thinspo, especially the "people are just as happy as they make up their minds to be" so true!