Saturday, February 12, 2011

If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere.

Submitted by asimplecontradiction

Darlings, I'm so sorry I haven't posted in almost a week, 
I've been terribly busy with school stuff; our mid-sem is already 
next week (... I know, right?) and my professors have been 
going crazy, focusing mainly on trying to catch up on the material
 and getting more grades from us. As I told you in my last post,
I started taking my diet pills on Tuesday and because 
you asked for an update, here it is :)

53.6 kg on Monday night (118.17 lbs)
 51.7 kg (113.98 lbs) today- Saturday morning.

Not really sure if it's the pill itself or the fact that it absolutely kills
the feeling of hunger (I honestly have to force myself to eat 
once a day), but it's working for now, and it makes me happy 
and more hopeful than ever. Will keep you posted and also 
promise to catch up on reading your blogs
and leaving some lengthy comments!

I dream my painting and I paint my dream.
(Vincent van Gogh)

Stay strong and lovely, my beautiful ladies. Chin up and fight!
Love you so much and thank you thank you thank you so much
for all your immensely encouraging comments.
A warm welcome to my new followers!

Lots of love to every single one of you,


  1. I love your thinspo AND even more- the quotes you use as your titles. So much.


    Ps- what diet pills are these?!!??! amazing.

  2. 5 pounds in less than a week is absolutely amazing! If those pills kill your hunger I have to give them a try some time (what are they called again?). Loseing weight would be so easy if we never felt hungry! Keep up with the amazing progress!

  3. Oh my goodness! Those pills sound amazing! What are they called? I'm a bit scared to try them, but I don't see how it can do any harm just using them for a while.

    As always, love the pictures, so inspiring :) and the title quote I adore!

    Love always, dear,


  4. Loved the thinspo. Thank you so much!*
    Also, what pill are you taking? Really ineteresting!

    Stay strong and beautiful sweetie <3

  5. wow you are doing SO great!!
    I am really inspired of you- keep it up :)

    loved the photosss*

  6. Beautiful thinspo, and you are a thinspo for me today! Congrats on the loss! Um, what pill are you taking so I can frantically google it and then try? Sending you skinnies darling

  7. WOW!?! those pills sounds insane! (in a good way). That's such a massive weight loss in such a short amount of time.
    As long as it isn't too dangerous I'm really happy for you :)
    I can't believe it, haha. Good on you.

    Hopefully school and your professors start slowing down a bit soon and I hope you enjoy it all.

    Again, I absolutely adore all the Thinspo and the quotes. They're so beautiful, just like you.
    Have a wonderful day gorgeous.
    Love Anafly

  8. Amazing loss this week! I have GOT to get my hands on those pills, what are they?

  9. I love your posts, those thinspo pics are beautiful
    Stay strong lovely xx

  10. Ok. Did I miss the name of whatever you're taking?? Whatever they are I want/need some lol.

  11. oh, the pictures are stunning and you have a sweet blog too :)♥

  12. Thats amazing that you've lost 5 pounds so quickly! What are they called!? I loved the thinspo, and I love reading your posts. Stay strong girly ♥

  13. Hello girls I have returned to blogger after trying to lose weight the healthy way and developing a better mental health I gave up I threw it all away to become "Delicate!!" Threw all my hard work away so I could eat from one extreme to another, to get to my goals quicker!! As many of us do we give up and think it will be easier and quicker to try a stupid diet which you only end up binging and back to square one!!

    I am ashamed of my choices and want to continue down my path of being healthy!! I can not believe I nearly threw it all away!! I have decided to give it my all 100% and nothing less!! I will reach my GOALS but in a HEALTHY way!!

    I too want to look great in a Bikini, in that Little Party Dress, in those CK Jeans but I want to ROCK them without feeling GUILTY, without LYING to all those around me and to not be KILLING MYSELF in the process!! I want to look HOT in ULTIMATE HEALTH and HAPPINESS, I want to have AWESOME SELF ESTEEM and I want to ROCK CONFIDENCE!! I want to earn the JOY of achieving HEALTH - HAPPINESS - SELF ESTEEM and CONFIDENCE the right way not the wrong way!! I want this more than anything in LIFE and I am going to get it !! It is now or never, there is no looking back!! Please support me and I will return the favor!! I choose to follow girls with distorted eating as I feel they understand what I am going through compared to "normal eating" girls they just think I am crazy!!

    I am putting this every where because I know I will influence at least one person out in this great big world to never give up and to keep trying!!

  14. OMG this post was SO good! and congrats on 113, that's amazing! these were my favorite photos:
    - the four photos in one of the legs
    - the strawberry as the heart
    - the INCREDIBLE 'look how far you've come'
    - the feet jumping over the water
    - the girl with her dress billowing out behind her
    AMAZING as always!