Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chase down your passion like it's the last bus of the night.


Can you believe it's almost March?
Of course the weekend was very bingeful for me, but I'm back
on track and started another fast today: haven't weighed myself 
since Friday since I know I gained, but I want to see the numbers
from last week on the scale again; if I stay as good as I was today,
it might be very soon! :)
Oh, and I wanted to ask you-- I got some supplement
Calcium tablets because I read an article somewhere that
a little higher daily dose of Calcium (meaning in addition to
what we get from regular food) can help you lose weight 
from the 'problematic areas' (especially the waist)
much faster when dieting. 
Have you heard anything about that? Is it true? 
I'll see for myself and will keep you posted!
Hope you had a wonderful Monday!
Cheers to a new week!
Three cheers to new beginnings!




































One last thing- I went through some of my past posts
last night and realized that OH MY GOSH, there are way
too many pictures that repeat: I'm sorry about that, my loves,
I'm trying to get better at recognizing what I've already used
on my blog and I promise that from now on, 
I'll be trying to pull out pictures I haven't yet posted.

I'll never get tired of saying this--
my little darlings, thank you so much for all your 
encouraging comments, you mean a lot to me!
Love, love, love,
MARCH is almost HERE!!



  1. GORGEOUS thinspo, as usual. I can always count on you for that, darling :)

    I was just hearing today about 'unsaturated/healthy fats' the same things you were hearing about calcium. It'll be difficult to focus on incorporating both (given that they're both true) into my regular diet, but hey. One day!

    Keep up the fast! You're strong :D


  2. good luck on your fast, darling!

    I know we all say this all the time, but your blog is a breath of fresh air, it's beautiful! Your thinspo it the best-est! don't worry about repeats :)

    love you, darling <3

  3. ohmygod amazing thinspo, Breakfast at Tiffanys and legs! Perfect. Sending you skinnies darling, you make me feel positive!

  4. I've read that too. For a while dairy companies tried to use that research to claim that milk makes you lose weigh but I think the FDA put a stop to it.

    The basic principle is true, however. :)

  5. so so so pretty! good luck with your weigh in love.

  6. oooo like the pictures!! :)

    About the calcium, I have no clue - butttt I might have to look into getting some because that sounds great. =]

  7. Repeats are A-OK with me! Let us know about the calcium :)

  8. hi Lu! thank you for all of your wonderful comments and inspiration! I totally had an awful weekend calorie-wise as well. I love all of your thinspo, but especially the ones with quotes/words! My favorite photo was the girl laying down in the dance studio and arching her back, so pretty! About the calcium, YES, it DOES help you lose weight. I saw it about a year ago in a BBC documentary exploring weight loss, and one of the myths they looked at was calcium. Turns out, consuming lots of dairy/calcium leads the body to excrete out fat! gross, I know! people with high calcium diets lose TWICE the amount of fat in year than people with low calcium diets. Crazy, I know! ever since then, I have a calcium tablet every day! Here's a link to the doc: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSm1dWjMGeM sorry, I don't remember which part of it! <3RaeLynn

  9. I'm baaaaaa-aaaaack :)
    I have missed your blog so much!!
    Everything is just so beautiful; your words and the images you use.
    Those calcium tablets sound interesting! I might just go get me some...
    You're so so beautiful, I hope you have an amazing week and an even more amazing March.
    Love Anafly

  10. New beginnings are the best and starting fresh always helps! I wish you loads of success on your fast! I've never heard that about calcium, but I did hear that when you take calcium you should take magnesium along with it- they work with one another. Calcium restricts the blood vessels while magnesium relaxes them.

  11. Yay for March! I love March, and not just because it;s my birthday month. March always reminds me of Spring and new beginnings. Lovely :)

    As always, adore all these pictures. Even if they are repeated... they still never fail to inspire me.

    Love always,


  12. great thinspo! heres what I know about calcium, calcium is not easily absorbed into the body and usually is too difficult for the body to digest in tablet form, on the negative side this means the best source of calcium is the food its contained in which is usually dairy products which are high in fat typically. Theres no easy answer to this but i would look at low fat containing calcium such as fat free sugar free pudding, sardines, and then of course the veggies which dont contain as much calcium but no fat such as broccoli, kale, peas, mustard and turnip greens etc... overall though the statement that calcium reduces fat i have not done enough research on to know if thats true, but calcium is very important especially for women:) good luck!

  13. Amazing thinspo:) thanks for the comment it means a lot to me.


  14. hi :) i stumbled across your blog and Ive been reading... beautiful posts. i wish you peace :)
    about the calcium... tablets aren't the answer. Ive done plenty of research on this... and was taking supplements for YEARS with no effects.Then I heard on the news 2 weeks ago it MUST be in food form! Pills wont help... so yogurt, milk, cheese... dairy. They say up to 3 servings. SO i started to mix a little plain yogurt in my cereal (total) and melting a piece of 60 cal cheese on low cal low carb bread ( 35 cal slices). the bread is also high in fiber so it digests slow and keeps me full long, and protein in the cheese also keeps you full :) ... definitely DID make a difference.
    Also SAFFLOWER oil burns belly fat. Its high in calories and fat, but 2 spoons a day burns abdominal fat drastically. You just have to be careful bc if you overdo it you can tax your kidneys and liver. Im not one to fear fat bc it keeps you young looking, and your hair shiny. I actually put the stuff right in my hair. The right fats are proven to melt fat on you. It satisfies your body so its willing to let go of the crap stored on you. BE HEALTHY :)