Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Be so good they can't ignore you.

Ah, what a night, guys.
The complete draft of my thesis is due today at midnight, and I've done awfully little during my all-nighter. Tried to take an hour-long nap, but the guilt was just too much. Didn't sleep at all.

The upside was that I went to spinning at 5:35am and stayed in the gym for 35 more minutes afterwards; burned a little less than a 1,000 calories altogether. And then I decided to go to breakfast. I know, right? Managed to keep it at a cup of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal with a banana. Later- purged. A friend persuaded me to go to lunch with her, and I had a cup of coffee. After lunch- a cup of granola...yes, wonderful. Purged.
Need to stop doing that. Will stop doing that.
In the evening, I went to another spinning class. My stomach's growling, and I'm trying to trick it by drinking coffee. That's it for dinner, dearest me.

Googled how much weight you can lose on a month-long liquid diet. 20-30 pounds? Really? Wow. That really sounds intriguing.

Last night, my boyfriend told me he hired a personal fitness trainer so he can look his best when I get home. Isn't that cute?
But how about my fat self?
No pressure, right??

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 My inspiration is yet to find me working.
Need to try harder. Want to try harder. Will try harder.
Tomorrow will be a good day for all of us.
I believe in us, darlings.

Love you very much,



  1. YES. i needed to read something like this. we are both going to have damn god days tomorrow.
    hmm.... that liquid diet thing does sound intriguing though... eep.

    stay lovely. <3

  2. it sure does suck to throw up everything you eat. I'v missed reading your posts, deary. :)
    i've been thinking of a liquid fast too, but that might not work with the amount of alcohol I consume.

  3. Your pictures are always amazing!

    I bet 5lbs minimum of that loss is initial water weight loss. That's how those fad diets hook people, the initial plunge in pounds from getting rid of retained water. Assholes!