Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.

Trying some more.
Trying more than some more.
Step by step, I'm learning to quit binging.
It's okay to feel defeated sometimes; the most important thing is to keep trying.

I found this on someone's tumblr last night 
and think it's a wonderful idea!

The simple thought inspired me so much that of course I had to give it a try: first thing in the morning, I wrote "Don't binge. Do yoga instead." on my belly and decided to draw a heart next to it every time I feel like binging and, well, my brain wins.
So far, I'm a proud owner of one tiny heart.
Lu vs. binging:

Sorry for the horrendous quality, I know you most probably can't see anything, but my camera's battery's out of charge and I was too excited to wait for it to finish charging, so I had to use my phone.
 I love you so much, not sure what I'd do without your kind words, your support and, most of all, your love. Stay strong, my darlings, we'll conquer those thunderstorms because we have each other.

Hugs and kisses,
Your Lu.



  1. I must say... Your posts are so beautiful and up-building and adorable. I love skimming through your posts, just to see all the lovely things you share. I hope things are going well for you <3

  2. Once you learn to quit it becomes a habit.

    I've never really thought of that sentence before and it is inspiring for any person trying to get rid of a bad habit or addiction. Also, I love all of the photos except for the fish in the jar. All I could think is "poor goldfish!" I took an ethical philosophy class back in undergrad and we learned all about the brain of a fish. They are very intelligent creatures, even if we don't give them credit.

    Keep strong and carry on! We can do this together; I have a good feeling.

    “How happy is the little stone
    That rambles in the road alone,
    And doesn't care about careers,
    And exigencies never fears;
    Whose coat of elemental brown
    A passing universe put on;
    And independent as the sun,
    Associates or glows alone,
    Fulfilling absolute decree
    In casual simplicity.”
    ~Emily Dickinson

  3. You're adorable girl! Something I heard that helps with binging is thinking of yourself in terms of "What would the future me do?" It's helped for a few of my sweets binges but it's just a hard process to stop. You kinda gotta talk yourself down.

    <3 Great post! keep on keeping on girl!

  4. Ah you're so pretty!
    I love you're posts and I'm glad that you are overcoming the binging. The butterfly idea sounds really good, I will definitely try that :)
    This week my thoughts are, what am I doing doing today that will have a positive impact on tomorrow?
    We just have to keep on pushing through until the behaviours we want become habit for us, good luck!
    Love you <3
    Alice xx

  5. Hi lovely I'm so happy you found inspiration in my post. That's really awesome :) I like this post, and I like your idea of the heart. Actually, I was going to make this a surprise, but sometime soon I'm going to get that NEDA symbol, the open heart thing, tatted on my hip, really small though. It's a similar idea. Take care hon, you can find other ways of relief than binging.

  6. your blog is beautiful. I love every single picture you post.
    keep it up - day by day. I myself have been in a binge/purge battle for 7 years. trying truly is all you can do and I believe that both of us can try & succeed.


    You always put together the best combinations of quotes and pictures *Glomps*

    Ok, we MUST have an afternoon of talking shit and braiding eachother's hair. WE MUST.

    I've tried the butterfly thing before. I usually forget though :/

    Love you, draw a heart on for me, ok? <3