Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Beginning.

Although I’m sort of ashamed it took me more than a single look into the mirror to realize I need to lose weight, I’m very much striving for beauty and will do anything to reach my ideal that doesn’t include that –thing- around my waist, big thighs and full cheeks.

As far as the introduction goes- well, I’m a European college student in the USA and have a month to lose weight. Now what’s gonna happen in a month? I’m going home for the summer: it’s as simple as that. I really want to put on a skirt again, not having to sweat in jeans just because I’m ashamed to show my legs. It seems to me people in here don’t really care about their appearances: they’ve learnt to accept that because of the food that’s available to them, there are people that are thin and there are people who are, how to put it… bigger. They’ve ACCEPTED it; now that’s something I simply can’t do. I can’t (and neither I WANT to) accept the way I look.

So, about me:

April 4, 2010

Height: 162.5 cm
Current weight: 64.5 kg
Goal weight 1: 60 kg
Goal weight 2: 55 kg
Far future goal weight: somewhere between 52 and 55 kg

30-day plan: lower the calorie intake to 0-500, drink as much water as possible (ideally 3-4 liters a day), lower the caffeine intake to about 1 cup a day (currently 3-4 cups)

Highest weight: almost 71 kg (after the transition to American food. The breaking point came in December 2008 when I came to realize there was NO WAY how I could possibly allow myself to keep putting on weight)

Weight before coming to the USA: 56/57 kg, if I remember correctly: essentially the weight I’d like to go back to and feel good about myself.

Please wish me luck, because now I’m SERIOUSLY losing weight.


  1. hi there!!
    wow, i was so happy about your comment and you're my first follower :D thank you so much for that. and i'm also really glad that you are interested in elegant thinspo because i was starting to get really annoyed by the amount of emo-pictures i came across. i will follow you back of course and i need someone to help me stay determined. i've just returned from my dad's and i feel so guilty! i ate popcorn and chocolate because it was lying on the table in front of me for 2 hours....and i had no mint with bad.
    i think you can really achieve your goal. we both can. my first goal weight is also 60 kg so we could support each other.

  2. hey there!
    we sort of have the same history and weigh at about the same.. i thought that we might motivate each other! my first goal weight will be 61kg, but thats cause i lose weight soooo slowly ( i know, haha, who doesnt^^) but 60 is even better!
    looking forward to hearing from you! xoxo

  3. we started blogging the same day... not the blog this is linked to.... but still. strange.

  4. Hi hun!
    I just noticed that you've started following my blog, so I intend to read yours from the beginning to see where you're coming from. Thanks for following and I look forward to reading!
    Lena xx