Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1st Day.

breakfast: half of a grapefruit (25cal), orange juice (100cal)
lunch: one banana (90cal), one apple (50cal)
afternoon: a banana (90cal)

So far, a total of 355 calories for today.
Might have a light salad for dinner, but won't go over 400 calories.

Will try to cut the amount of calories to 300 for tomorrow, then 200, then a hundred and see what the fast brings. Yes, I'm back on the way to success and I have trust in myself. Yes, I do.



  1. Getting back on track is always an amazing feeling. Good luck. ♡

  2. hi there beautiful!
    just read your comment.. thanks a lot! i am back in this struggle now, and reading your blog makes me feel like we can do this! your intake is sooo good! keep going girl, you're my idol :)