Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So I haven't been stuffing my face for about a week now, but I'm somehow not losing weight-- I've been on 59.5 kg (131.2 lbs) ever since I came back to school and SO want to start losing weight again... it just makes me happy when (after a successful while of non-binging) I see the number on the scale in the morning. These days it's been the same, + or - a 0.2 kg.

Today- no, no breakfast. It's lunch time now, but NO, I decided to read your blogs and look at your thinspo pictures instead.. you keep me going, loves. The plan for the next couple of days is to minimize the food intake to 1 meal a day, preferably a salad, a piece of chicken or some fruit (I might even skip it tonight since I've been doing so well so far).

Oh gosh, something completely unrelated, which I feel I need to confess because I haven't told anyone yet-- I think I have a crush. I saw this really cute guy sitting on a bench the other day when I was walking to a meeting and in a little while after that I had to pass right by him again to get back to my dorm.. and he smiled at me both times. Ever since that, I can't stop thinking about him! I have a job in the library and on Monday he came to photocopy some papers, said hi to me and smiled the same smile again.. when he was done, he came over and asked me for some paper to write on, but, since I'm new to the library, I had to go ask the manager where we kept paper, so that was a bit awkward... maybe he really needed that paper and maybe he just wanted to talk to me? I don't know and it's sickening!! I haven't seen him since that and I SO want to meet him again (no, I have no idea what his name is, where he's from, I just know I kinda really like him :). I'll keep you posted.

So that's my motivation for now: I really want to look better than I do now and this is THE way.

I love you, girls and keep writing your wonderful blogs. I'd have lost the fight with food a very long time ago if I didn't read your posts.

Since my results are so greyish, here's some (mostly) black-and-white thinspiration:

1194192889617.jpg Thinspo image by CarollinCalico

Thinspo42.jpg thinspo image by roseyy_doll

Animation36.gif thinspo image by tinyyloveeThinspo34.jpg thinspo image by roseyy_doll
layout.jpg Thinspo image by woah_amelia

Thinspo39.jpg thinspo image by roseyy_doll
Thinspo21.png thinspo image by roseyy_doll

2966309677_cbd4da9fda.jpg Thinspo image by xfriendlythinspox
thinspo-2.jpg thinspo image by susy_vouconseguir
jackie.jpg thinspo image by splashelles


  1. He soooooo didn't actually need paper!!

    Under 60kg still looks pretty awesome to me hun, even if you're not losing much at the moment :)

    Lots of love,
    Adeline xx

  2. you totally need to find out his name, so we can all stalk him on fb OR you need to take a picture next time he "needs" paper :D
    isnt a crush the best motivation you can get?? crossing fingers for youuuuuu