Friday, September 10, 2010

One day, I will be as beautiful as the girls I now envy.

Just a tiny update (cell physiology test tomorrow morning...)-- a nice day today. Busy with school, assignments, tests and such things, but it's finally Friday tomorrow... This week's just been too long. No, I haven't seen the guy since the library thing, and I'm trying to persuade myself that no, I'm not obsessing about him (for now ;).

Breakfast- coffee with some milk
Afternoon- coffee with some milk
Dinner- an orange

And I'm not even feeling hungry... well, I worked in the library almost all afternoon and I'm just so tired that maybe my body doesn't even feel like thinking about anything else than the physical weariness (cleaning and shifting books does make one tired, believe me...). I hope tomorrow my scale will show something I'll be happy to see.

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  1. love the thinspo...
    Your intake is amazing..
    thanks for the comment and I am looking forward to your next post..