Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do you sometimes miss someone so much that it hurts?

It's my best friend's birthday today;
she's a thousand miles away, and words simply 
cannot explain how very much I miss her. 
For the two hardest years of my life, she was my everything.
Wish we could be together right now, just
like in the old times.

I've had enough of school this semester,
but I need to hang in there... 2 more exams on Wednesday;
then I can start thinking about packing...

Hope you're all well, my dear ones.


  1. Naww, I'm sorry you can't be with your friend right now. Maybe you can organize something with her over the holidays?

  2. ow i know what you mean. my best friend lives in another city and we both busy with life so i see her about once in two months, and you know what, it strikes me how naturally we act as if we saw each other on daily basis every time we meet.
    and there's no cure for missing :-\

  3. i wish i had a best friend to miss... oh well, im sorry you miss her though.
    good luck on your exams!
    and yes, people dont understand that all candy is is sugar and that there is no nutritional value in it, so shoving it upon me is unnecessary unless they enjoy seeing my fat ass walk around all the time. hahah, silly people.

    stay lovely. <3