Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sometimes all you need to do is draw a line, close the book of your past and try to move on.


So much has changed, darlings.

These past few months have been a swirl of confused feelings, sickening secrets, hidden lies that were crashing against the ice surface of our fragile relationship so hard it was simply impossible for them not to break through the surface, health troubles, depressing brick walls being put up between myself and the ones I thought had once cared, 
all overshadowed by the self-denial I lived in.

What really matters?
Sometimes I miss the uncomplicated days of the past.
Whoever said it gets easier with time was wrong, very wrong.

And here I am, reminiscing about the days when I was winning the battle against my weight, for those were the times when I was the happiest. I need to be that happy girl again as all I have been doing lately was eating my feelings. Therefore I decided to come back: I picked a part of my past life that made me the most content, and it was losing weight.

I closed the old book, my loves, and opened a blank one. 
Started a new chapter of my life today and began to write a story of a brand new me- trusting yet cautious, extending a helping hand yet ready to accept help myself, focused, determined to follow my dreams and successful in accomplishing whatever I set my mind to... 
and on my way to believing in love again.

SW: 62 kg (136.69 lbs)
CW: 62 kg (136.69 lbs)
UGW: 48 kg (105.82 lbs)
weight lost: 0 kg (0 lbs)
weight to lose: 14 kg (30.86 lbs)


Yours always,

P.S. I'll be okay. Not now, not tomorrow, but... eventually.


  1. Went through ur blog just now, it's gorgeous!
    Stay strong girlie xx

  2. It's never too late for a fresh start.


  3. You just wrote my exact feelings. Every single word is what I'm going through right now. I just hope to be as determined as you.

  4. Funny how control over this aspect of our lives seems to make everything better. I'm hoping being back at the reins in my own struggle will fix whatever it is that keeps "inspiring" me to make bad decisions (read: texts and calls to losers). I have this desperate feeling to be okay with myself again.